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The Center

Research centre for education in science and mathematics (CRECIM by it's spanish initials) is a Special Research Center of the  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, created in 2002 from Consolidated Research Group TIREC (Computer Technology and Research on Scientific Education).In 2007 CRECIM became part of the Research Park at UAB.

CRECIM is an Entity dedicated to promoting a better Scientific, Technology Engineering and Mathematics literacy of the citizens and analyze the orientation given to the teaching and dissemination of science  


CRECIM develops its activity around four different areas such as: Research, TrainingDiffusion and Transfer of knowledge. Although the main goal of CRECIM is educational research, the other three areas of performance show the intention of the centre to bring the research results to the key agents involved such as teacher trainers and educational authorities, and in short, to classroom reality.




The main research lines of the CRECIM are four:


  • Teaching and learning science with digital tools

  • Teaching innovation in the field of new technologies for teaching and learning sciences

  • Fostering Vocations scientific and technical: Prat de la Riba i ECB-Ingenious

  • Scientific Literacy and Scientific Competency