ParentSTEM: STEM for Pre-schoolers and their families

Referència: 2018-1-TR01-KA203-059568
Interest in STEM fields are declining in most of the EUROPEAN countries, but STEM fields are critical for European countries to sustain research and innovation driven economies. Therefore, there has been an emerging gap between the demand of STEM skilled individuals and existing number of individuals in the field of STEM who lead the growth of Europe among the competitive innovative based economies. Regarding of the OECD reports and Pisa results, according to OECD report (2017), number of tertiaryeducated individuals who work in the STEM related area is highest in Germany and Spain is the fourth one. In the same report, Turkey is somewhere at the end of the order and Bulgaria is not seen in the list (OECD, 2017).

Similarly, in a report of European Commission (2011) “Science Education in Europe: National Policies, Practices and research”, it has been mentioned that Bulgaria and Turkey have very low rates of success. This is valid for the 2015 PISA results. It is seen that; students’ science success is higher from the average in Germany and Denmark while it is on the average in Spain. However, mean scores of students from Turkey and Bulgaria were lower than the average. Turkey was at the 52th order among 70 countries while Bulgaria was at the 45th order. Although the scores of Germany and Denmark is high on PISA scores, both countries still need sufficient amount of STEM skilled citizens as well as Spain, Turkey and Bulgaria to be able to compete with other growing economies. Considering the shortage of efficient STEM skilled professionals expected by 2025, many actions have been taken to better engage pupils in STEM subjects especially at elementary and secondary education level.

Membres del CRECIM participants: Carme Grimalt, Digna Couso, Marina Jiménez i Maria Navarro Palà

Entitat finançadora:
European Commission - Erasmus +


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