Industry-school collaboration: The Prat de la Riba project_copia_copia

Reference: 2018-1-TR01-KA203-059568
The Prat de la Riba project is a knowledge transfer initiative that promotes technical scientific vocations among secondary school students based on industry-school collaboration. To do this, it is made easier for secondary school students to visit industries with extensive R&D&i departments so that they can visualize what their professional future could be like if they chose engineering or scientific careers in their subsequent studies. Such visits to industrial centers are conceived as part of the school curriculum, associated with the subjects of Science and Technology from which work prior to the visit, work on site and work after the visit are proposed. In other words, any possibility of being perceived as a mere out-of-school outing is avoided. The activities developed in this project have been running for some years with great success but without an adequate budget. For this reason, the objective in this FECYT 2011 call has been to increase the number of visits to 5 more industries. At this time we have included 1 industry with the appropriate teaching materials: AUSA. Another 2 are still in the process of negotiation due to the economic crisis, which has taken its toll on them, reducing their human resources and therefore complicating their integration into the project. The number of students who have participated in the visiting classes during the 2011-2012 academic year is 3,000 and their accompanying teachers.

Members of CRECIM participants: Carme Grimalt, Digna Couso, Marina Jiménez i Maria Navarro Palà

Funding Entity:
European Commission - Erasmus +


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